Community Engagement


I host events in an effort to engage and educate people about mental wellness. If you are interested in attending one of my events,  please request to be added to my email list via my contact form. Also, I am available to facilitate workshops and serve as a panelist for wellness events. 

Common Topics Talks: 

Self-Care for the Selfless: You can't pour from an empty cup. 

Work/Life Balance: Is it a real thing? 

Assertiveness: How To Say The Hard Stuff

Boundaries: What are they and how do I implement them? 

Boundaries for MOMS


I operate a six-figure group counseling practice in Charlotte, NC. I started Kaleidoscope Counseling in 2011 with minimal overhead and no debt. 

Thriving in private practice is challenging when you are anxious about the process. I make the process easier by allowing you to "pick my brain" or have a one-on-one consultation about getting started, thriving in private practice or succeeding as  entrepreneur. 


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